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Welcome to Noonamah Ridge

Noonamah Ridge is the name of a proposed new master planned rural residential community in the Noonamah/Hughes region. Noonamah is an outer rural area of Darwin, approximately 36km SE of the Darwin CBD. Located in the Litchfield LGA.

Noonamah Ridge Facilities Map

Project Vision

The vision for Noonamah Ridge is to provide a high quality, predominantly rural residential and lifestyle estate, providing a range of lot sizes and typologies, with an emphasis on retaining rural character and amenity.

The estate will be serviced by one or more local village centres, encouraging cohesion and social amenity, including the provision of land for new schools, retail facilities, community centres and land for new volunteer fire brigades.

The development will aim to connect the surrounding rural area, providing the opportunity to rate a strong sense of community, and providing amenity for rural residents.

Noonamah Ridge Project Timeline

Our Process

Over the past 4 years, Intrapac Property (the developer of Noonamah Ridge) has been working on detailed studies to support the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), undertaken extensive community consultation and prepared a draft rezoning application.

On October 16, 2017 the Northern Territory’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issued the environmental assessment, which includes requirements to achieve environmental sustainability, and the protection of areas of biodiversity significance.

The next stage of the project will see a revised rezoning application lodged, reflecting both the outcomes of the EIS, as well as reflecting community aspirations for the rural area.

Once approved, the project would be built over a period of 30 years and provide up to 4200 rural and lifestyle lots, a new local town centre and associated services and infrastructure.

To read the assessment report and associated information please see the NTEPA website.

Noonamah Ridge Stage Map

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Indicative Lot Layout December 2017

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Questions & Answers

The Area

Why was Noonamah Selected for this development?

The proposed development sits over one of the largest contiguous areas of private landholdings in the Greater Darwin region, which means it can be brought to market sooner. It is well serviced, close to existing infrastructure, and our investigations suggest that vast sections of the land are ideal for multiple types of development.

Impact on the community

How will the Noonamah development affect local residents living in the area?

Noonamah Ridge will be designed in a way that is sympathetic to existing development at its boundaries. All possible efforts will be made to minimise and avoid inconvenience to local residents. Intrapac plans to create a village lifestyle within Noonamah benefiting those who live directly within the community and surrounding areas. Importantly, residents will over time be able to access new parks, community facilities and other amenities as they roll out during the development.


Intrapac Property Media Statement Regarding Noonamah Ridge Aquifer

8 April 2016

Following some misleading public statements, Intrapac Property (the developer behind a proposed new rural residential community in the Noonamah/Hughes region known as Noonamah Ridge) would like to reassure the public in regards to a water extraction license it has applied for through the Department of Resource Land Management (DRLM).

Draft Environmental Impact Statement Released for Noonamah Ridge

8 April 2016

Intrapac Property is pleased to announce the completion of its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Noonamah Ridge. Noonamah Ridge is a proposed master-planned rural community in the Noonamah/Hughes region consisting of a variety of lot sizes, a village hub, and an enterprise area providing local job opportunities. The development is set apart by its innovative ecologically-sustainable approach.

Property Developer Announces Plans for New Township in Noonamah, NT

3 November 2014

Melbourne based property developer Intrapac Projects has today announced plans to build a new community called Noonamah Ridge in the heart of greater Darwin, giving Territorians an opportunity to realise their Australian dream of home ownership.

Noonamah Ridge Press Coverage

2 November 2014

The Noonamah Ridge draft ToR announcement has been covered by the NT News. Intrapac Projects senior development manager Max Shifman said that pending consultation, the site will include schools, shopping precincts and as many as three town centres.“The site is ideal for development; there’s no barriers in terms of flora or fauna and as far as a new development goes, it’s particularly unconstrained,”

Intrapac Property

The company behind Noonamah Ridge

At Intrapac Property we specialise in creating inspiring environments and neighbourhoods where people want to enjoy their leisure time, raise a family, and simply live.

We select premium sites with access to schools, transport links, shopping and more, and commission the finest planning and design specialists to ensure that the streetscapes, parklands and roads are cohesive and attractive. We then partner with the nation’s finest contractors to ensure our vision is achieved.

Intrapac was established in 1984 by Executive Chairman, David Payes, and has since developed a reputation for creating high quality, liveable neighbourhoods, winning some of Australia’s most prestigious awards in the process.

Multiple Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) excellence award-winner:

2016: Somerfield – Residential Development
2016: Somerfield – Environmental Excellence
2008: The Quay – Residential Development
2002: Lorikeet Ridge – Residential Development
1997: Oak Tree Rise – Residential Development
1996: Churchill Park – Residential Development

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